Great Mandate for Direct Democracy

Great Mandate for Direct Democracy

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Join the Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement

We the people are not in control of our government as you know, the USA is not doing direct voting and run by we the people, which was our intention in our 1776 revolution from the British tea company. Unfortunately in 2020 our government and our corrupt politician / representatives are dominated by so many corrupt corporations.

Today on #eTownHalls we interview Bob Dunsmore the compiler of the Great Mandate for Democracy.  He gives us a brief overview of how this Great Mandate ushers in a new era of direct voting for the USA and the world.

Here is the link to sign “The Great Mandate for Direct Vote” on the move on website which is the extension of the Occupy movement.  This petition is not asking for permission, we are demanding direct voting majority people will in the USA and worldwide.

Today on your host Daniel Roy Baron #eTownHalls interviews David Frank on One Voice Now.  This is the ‘how it works’ portion

Here is a recent interview with Styxxoplix FM public radio out of Ft. Wayne India host Nickholas with Bob Dunsmore the compiler of The Great Mandate for Direct Vote, Daniel Roy Baron host producer of #eTownHalls and David Frank founder of

Why isn’t America working for “everyone”? The answer is simple. “Everyone” isn’t included. Encourage local citizens to identify problems and raise issues. Educate the people and promote discussion and debate. Provide the citizenry a real voice in community affairs by providing a means to vote on issues through Electronic Town Halls,  promote ‘Volunteerism’ and encourage the citizenry to engage in active participation through Electronic Town Hall meetings.

Declaration of Interdependence

1.We call for the declaration of a planetary state of crisis requiring rapid response to reverse climate change; governmental and corporate support to transition to renewable energy usage and organic agriculture; the prohibition of toxic wastes of any nature, including nuclear; with corresponding governmental support for the transitional technologies to be implemented.


2. We call for the end of personhood for corporations. Corporations will not be allowed in any way to influence our political governing bodies. Corporate governance is not democratic.

3.Let us strengthen our democratic legacy by passing an amendment eliminating the Electoral College and modernizing the electoral process, guaranteeing the verification of individual voting choices.

Congress must adopt and enforce restrictions on influence peddling at all political levels. The nation will be re-founded as a constitutional democracy, in place of the current corporation.

We, the People, will establish a national system to register individual opinion instantaneously in the Congress of the United States through existing safeguarded technologies which will decipher local, regional and statewide opinion instantaneously and be able to display not only national voting, but be able to (in real time) feedback to each region the decisions made by respective Congresspersons.

We call for the establishment of direct digital instantaneous nationwide information and voting input to the the Congress of the USA. We demand instantaneous analysis of regional voting, congressional voting, referendums, etc.

This Direct Digital Democracy  will insure our Congress becomes accountable to the people of the United States of America.

4. We call for the convening of a Re-founding Constitutional Assembly to reaffirm the great truths inherent in our present Constitution and to modify and strengthen its magnificence to assure the Great Mandate of our people.

Delegates (half female and half male) will be chosen freely from our nation’s trusted patriots through local and regional councils.

We shall incorporate the principle of the Seventh Generation as the supreme criteria for all economic and political decisions.

Any decision contrary to this principle will be subject to constitutional challenge by any citizen of the nation.

5. We will elect a Council for National Integrity to guide the Great Transition and insure accountability of our economic and political leadership to the People of the United States of America.

6. Our government, of the People, will begin the transition to assume direct management of its financial system. A review of the constitutionality of the private “Federal” Reserve System will be initiated. We shall recall that John F. Kennedy insisted this was the most important task before any citizen of our great nation.

World Peace

7. Let us stand and be counted as supporting the elimination of our weapons of mass destruction, encouraging a negotiated simultaneous and equitable reduction globally.

Violating international law, the United States has sold uranium-tipped weapons and deadly gas weapons to at least sixteen nations including Iraq. Documentary “Beyond Treason” and 

8. We want our armed forces back on national soil. We mandate our military focus on building up our country’s regenerative capacity and working to save our planet from further destruction.

We demand the closure of the eight hundred to one thousand military bases the United States of America maintains at taxpayer expense in over a hundred and fifty nations. 

9. We want the building of wonderful monuments to our Peacemakers, those alive today and those who gave up their lives to this end. 

10. We demand the immediate and permanent closure of the School “of the Assassins” of the Americas, in Columbus, GA, no matter what name it hides behind. There shall be issued a clear declaration of support of the popular peaceful struggles internationally for justice, jubilee and equitable distribution of resources.

11. We demand the United States of America prioritize the inauguration of a cooperative worldwide effort to redistribute wealth (including land) for the benefit of the most marginalized of the planet.

We demand direct stakeholder (community) control of corporations, in conjunction with shareholders; worker ownership and management participation in corporations; the removal of person-hood status, placing them in positions of privilege under humans. 

12. US AID will be transformed into US Solidarity. 

13. A new Cabinet position will be created; that of the Secretary for Reconciliation with the Original Peoples. As a nation, we shall, to the best of our ability recognize our government and covert agencies’ crimes against humanity.

We shall do everything possible to redress these crimes.  We shall listen to the Truth, the People’s history, in our nation and abroad to be able to reflect critically and act upon it.

We shall charge US Solidarity with this task for as long as necessary to bring about this reconciliation.

Human Rights

14. We call for a national dialogue to mitigate the problem of concealable weapons. The right to bear arms will not be violated.

Land mines and all weapons of mass destruction (such as uranium-tipped weapons) will be decommissioned. We demand that international policing and peacekeeping efforts be delegated to the United Nations.

We demand the end of permanent war. 

15. A Department of Renewable Energy will replace the unsustainable Department of Energy.

An effort equivalent to the effort of war will focus on energy and resource conservation, especially in the hugely wasteful United States of America to lead the World into a time of greater leisure and healthier living with a total reduction in fossil fuel energy consumption.

The Council for National Integrity Electronic Town Halls will set the target amounts and dates. 

16. We wish that our government declare the understanding that all great spiritual traditions of the world are seeking enlightenment, peace and justice. We shall celebrate the different paths upon which we walk, seek to learn the ways of truth from one another, turn away from the ways of destruction and greed and inaugurate a time of peace and wholeness upon this tormented Earth.

We demand our government begin immediate, sincere dialogue with all organizations hoping for a just and moral World.

We will seek support for the Great Mandate internationally as a vehicle for the creation of a nation placing people before profit, human dignity before corporate and dialogue before war.

17. We call for direct governmental support for local and regional economies, including traditional economies of barter, and the recognition of common wealth, non-negotiable commercially.

The basic rights to land, health care, clean water, whole foods, shelter and social security will be guaranteed every person upon our land.

Water shall no longer be allowed to be bought or sold. The right of direct access to clean drinking water will be recognized and guaranteed by our government. 

18. With this Mandate, it is our hope that all nations, having profited from the labor of the world’s masses shall be encouraged to follow suit and guarantee the psychological, physical and spiritual health of the World’s peoples before any further profit and concentration of capital occur. 

19. We mandate the decriminalizing of all synthetic and natural drugs with governmental regulation and control over processing and distribution, with corresponding educational campaigns on the benefits and/or dangers of their consumption. 

Creating a Regenerative Future

20. We demand the rights of the Earth shall be established constitutionally in recognition of its living and conscious being. 

21. We demand the immediate prohibition of the patenting of life forms (with or without modification) and prohibiting the right to intellectual property over naturally occurring (with or without modification) substances and life forms. 

22. We demand government support to develop and commercialize natural medicines in the regions and countries of origin.

Medicinal herbs, traditional therapies and treatments such as reflexology, as examples, shall qualify as cover-able care under the nation’s new national universal health care system.

Access to natural medicines and therapies will be guaranteed.

23. We demand the banning of transgenic modification and cloning. We encourage government support for same species genetic research for the prevention of defects and disease.

24 We demand government support for mining industries’ transition from using toxic chemicals to the use of harmless extraction technologies including biological agents, which, if patented, must be released to the public domain. We call for complete retooling to recycling metals and minerals already extracted from the Earth, whenever possible.

25. We demand that foreign aid be based on an elimination of subsidies for overproduction of chemically produced and processed “food,” supporting developing efforts to produce whole foods in nations around the World.

Donated solar-powered irrigation systems will provide a huge incentive to the photo-voltaic industry and support regional food production, ending the crippling cycles of dependency.

The most essential of all fuels, cooking fuel, will be subsidized and fossil fuels will be taxed to real extraction, production and distribution costs.  Until the billions of humans cooking with wood from forests have access to subsidized fuel logs manufactured from agricultural waste, available agricultural land and farming capability,  US Solidarity will replace processed genetically modified relief “foodstuffs” with high-protein peanut products and pre-cooked and dehydrated beans requiring simple rehydration for high-protein nourishment.

26. We demand that multinational agribusiness concerns will be transitioned to farmer-controlled businesses more respectful of limits to water availability. 

Corporate landholdings will be equitably redistributed and unsustainable agricultural corporations will be mandated to support the restoration of the family farm and labor-intensive regenerative organic agriculture.

Water aquifers will be exploited in sustainable fashion. Wherever in the world regenerative agriculture has been destroyed, the responsible corporations must restore the soil and crops to regenerative sustainability.

All wishing to participate in local and regional agricultural production will be aided by the same corporations in doing so.

The United States shall welcome all who have been disenfranchised by our imposed neo-liberal economic order and non-regenerative agriculture.

27. We demand the inauguration of international efforts to cleanse all contaminated water. All sources of contamination will be eliminated.

All toxic substances (including nuclear waste) will eventually be phased out within the United States of America as per timetables established by the Council for National Integrity.

US corporations abroad will be mandated to follow all new national environmental regulations established by the demands of the Great Mandate.  One example in El Salvador, Central America, is the Acelhuate river, contaminated by US corporations:…/El%…

28. We demand that, as a community of nations, we must reverse the decline of natural species, modifying our exploitation of land, forests, rivers and oceans to preserve our natural world from further destruction and, as a high international priority, restore our natural world, where possible to its original life-sustaining glory.

We will establish these resources, intact and/or restored, as the basis of our financial systems. Preserved and restored natural resources and environmental integrity will become the standards for the foundation of the fiscal strength of nations, the value of which will be established by a freely elected international Council of Common Wealth.

29. We demand that a revamped Department of Health Education and Welfare will oversee the public financing of all health care for all persons living within the United States of America.

Every person’s choice of care will be honored. The Department will be mandated to direct our nation’s schools to truly educate, “draw from,” our children their innate wisdom and knowledge through direct participation in the Great Transition. 

The global effort to insure a regenerative future for the planet will be the primary focus of all educational endeavor.

National Integrity

30. With our endorsement of this Mandate, we demand a balanced federal budget.

31. We also demand that corporations pay taxes commensurate with profit levels.

32. We demand the elimination of the “voluntary” and unconstitutional income tax.

33. We demand the reform of the legal system to efficiently and effectively arrest corruption, to stop the legal support for the destruction of our life-support systems, corporate abuse, political privileges, immunity and exemptions.

The permanent citizen-elected Council for National Integrity will guide the Great Transition as mandated by the People of the United States of America.

On this YouTube link you can watch the interview with Bob Dunsmore reading all 33 mandates in the Great Mandate for Democracy.

On this YouTube link you can watch the interview with David Frank as we go through an identify the problems in our government and how Electronic Town Halls along with the Great Mandate for Democracy are the ways we can resolve our greatest societal issues.

We are looking to help collaborate and  start an Electronic Town Hall meeting here in Austin Texas at the local community broadcasting station in Austin Texas. If you are interested in how we can finally bring Electronic Town Hall meetings in Austin and around the world contact us.


If you wish to add something or have a constructive comment. All feedback will be recorded to inform constitutional assemblies, regional councils and, hopefully, a Council for National Integrity Electronic Town Halls to create what we hope will become a consensus of what we, the People, mandate of our economic and governing institutions.

As of July 20, 2015, the Mandate below will not be modified so that signatures endorsing the Great Mandate will be endorsing exactly the following document. We invite signatures from the entire world community to legitimize the demands described below.

Looking forward,

Mirando adelante,

Bob Dunsmore
Compiler of the Great Mandate for Democracy
Compilador del Gran Mandato



Daniel Roy Baron Founder of Electronic Town Halls


Phone: 323-496-7649

Electronic Town Halls powered by we the people Real Democracy Movement Leader

David Frank



Phone: 574-876-7306

Founder of One Voice Now


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