Our goal is to help move the U.S.A. into a Democracy. The U.S.A. has always been ruled by corporate person-hood, elites and oligarchy. To govern is an unconditional right of the People and will be exercised by the People through quality-based elections and government.

The Great Mandate for Democracy is a vehicle to bring Democracy to the U.S.A. for the first time in our history and was inspired by worldwide uprisings for Democracy.

We will be collaborating weekly conference call groups in every city around the world that are studying, discussing and finding agreement on issues / solutions at the local, state, federal and international levels of critical importance to bringing Democracy through:
– town halls 
– libraries
– conference rooms
– music festivals
We will be studying advocates for Democracy including the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, people’s leader Mahatma Gandhi, people’s historian Howard Zinn, people’s poet Maya Angelou, labor leader Cesar Chavez and other Democracy advocates whose legacies have been distorted by propaganda-based Corporate run media.
With the support of millions, we will call a recess of Congress, the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee and other areas of government until each member pledges to serve only the people of the United States and not corporatocracy.
Commentators and bloggers see a major movement towards the U.S.A.’s being a Democracy for the first time in our history. Check out what we are doing w Real Democracy and twice a week meetings, National Council on Integrity to call government into recess:
The demands of The Great Mandate for Democracy movement to help put People before profit.
Trusted leaders will be chosen for the Council for National Integrity to run an ethical quality-based government until our representatives represent people instead of greedy profits.
The Great Mandate for Democracy began in response to the U.S.A.’s oppressive regime, a low standard of living and wealth inequality where gross national product has become our primary economic indicator instead of Gross National Happiness.
Thank you for signing the great mandate and joining our Great Mandate for Direct Democracy.
Bob Dunsmore compiler of The Great Mandate for Direct Democracy.
Daniel Roy Baron talk show host and signer of The Great Mandate for Direct Democracy.
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